Our Company

Prostyle Technology is the latest of Daiki group of companies ready to extend its new software development to the rest of the world. At Prostyle Technology, we leverage our domain expertise to boost operational efficiencies, ensure fast time to value and revolutionize customer services by providinghigh tech solutions and support.

Under the vision of Japanese leadership, Prostyle Technology started its Sri Lankan Development Center to provide better solutions & services, using a wide range of high tech development solutions. These include Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Enterprise Applications, Business Process Automation, Mobile Developments, Cloud Solutions, Robotics and many more. As a High-Tech Development Company; our talented management and engineering team always strive to support our vision of “Helping Businesses for a Sustainable Growth”. We follow international standards from development to documentation for achieving our vision to serve our clients.

As a High-Tech Company, Prostyle technology research and development team is currently working on industry 4.0, emphasizing Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, IOT, Robotics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Smarty City Projects.

As a leader in technical solutions, we always ensure our engineers poses the latest knowledge by conducting training sessions to enhance their skills in an AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, and advance Image Processing. Prostyle technology have established IT Engineering training centers in Sri Lanka, Vietnam & Mongolia to train highly skilled engineers to the IT Market in Japan and the rest of the world.

Our Vision

“Helping Businesses for a Sustainable Growth”

We do everything to make all our collaborations long-term basis ones, so we look for individual decision for each client and project, offer an Agile-based work style. We realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought. We believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention, so we address the changing needs of your business with solutions that are costeffective, fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable.

Daiki Company Group

Our Group Of Companies

Since our founding in 1996, we have honed our skills and skills with human resource development as our pillar. Demonstrate its strength in various phases of manufacturing, including design and development, production technology, software development, manufacturing, and inspection, and work with multiple manufacturers, such as automobiles, ships, aircraft, and social infrastructure, to engage in manufacturing. Contribute to.


Our Leadership Team

Chairman at Daiki Group of Companies

Mr.Yoshifumi Nakamura

“Infinite Dreams and endless challenges”. Since 1996 Daiki group was founded we have been expanding our innovative engineering business, and dealing with Japanese leading manufacturer such as Toyota, Denso, NEC and Fujitsu etc...

Operation Director

Mr.Yosuke Nakamura

I came to Sri Lanka 2010 to start IT business in Sri Lanka, originally it was to recruit talented young Sri Lanka engineer and employ them in System plan our group company handling IT re-lated business in Japan after training of IT skills and language. We started bringing the Japanese project to Sri Lanka and now ...

Director of Technology

Mr.Madhushan Fonseka

Success depends on strict technical and domain expertise, marketing and diligent management team. Most of our specialists have got Master’s Degree in computer science. And the majority of company developers have more than 6 years of working experience in business software development...



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